Advanced reports and analytics
for all companies

Gain useful insights into business performance and outlook

SAP Customers

Get the best use of data from SAP with tailored reports

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Medium-size companies

Make smart business decisions with comprehensive reports

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Get an extensive view over business performance for corporate groups

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Comprehensive business reports

We help businesses gain more insight into their operations and leverage the data that they already generate to support decisions. RECO24 is a platform for data analysis and preparation of standard reports, focused on presenting monthly financial and operational results with explanations.

Recent market research targeting a wide variety of companies and investors shows a high demand in extensive audit reports and encouragement towards their development. These reports offer an accurate perspective on the business and they play an important role in risk prevention

Suitable for:

  • Automotive
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Consulting
  • Retail & Sales
  • Insurance
  • Fintech & Banking
  • Construction

For SAP Customers

We provide extensive data analysis on all modules for companies with SAP systems, with great focus on financial and logistic matters. Handling different transactions in order to select relevant data for reporting and controlling purposes may be difficult.

In order to aid the process, we provide easy to understand instructions on the use of transactions, building a layout and exporting data to our platform.

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For medium-sized companies

We apply tested reporting models on your data to help you get useful insights into business performance and outlook. Our services are goal oriented, being a time-saving, cost effective solution with increased efficiency.

Our reports for data analysis are customized for each industry and carefully tailored in order to meet the needs of companies from different industries.

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For enterprise companies

Technology allows us to simplify and get the best use out of complicated financial data analysis. Our independent reports can support the audit process, due diligence and tender offers, while they can also prevent wrong data.

Through our services data can be easily integrated and visualized across multiple companies, a time-saving solution that results in increased efficiency. 

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Case studies

Read about the services we provided for different companies, the challenges we faced and the solutions we offered in order to meet the requirements.

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