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We help companies make informed business decisions

RECO24 is a platform for data analysis and preparation of standard reports, focused on presenting monthly financial and operational results with explanations. We have been successfully implementing reports across both national and international companies for over 15 years.

With a growing client base that extends over a large number of industries we continuously work towards providing comprehensive reports tailored to meet all requirements. Extensive audit reports are in high demand due to the important role they play in risk prevention and the thorough insights they provide into business performance. We highlight valuable information that supports and facilitates informed decision making.

From reducing costs to finding new strategic opportunities, our clients have reported a large number of benefits. Our reports help companies gain better understanding of monthly results making it easy to identify and solve business problems that impact profit and cash flow. Moreover, they help anticipate and quickly detect fraud providing the right tools for better risk management.

Our process can be easily narrowed down to three essential steps:

1. You upload your data.

The first step is for you to send us the data that needs to be analyzed. You can export it from your CRM, ERP or any other format available to you and send us the CSV or Excel document. We provide assistance during this step, if needed.

2. We apply our algorithms.

We introduce the data into our standard or customized reporting models. Afterwards, we adapt them to your request, providing explanations and using colors to highlight monthly changes, where needed. This only takes 24 hours.

3. You receive the report

We deliver a comprehensive report tailored to meet all your needs and requirements. This will reach you in an easily accessible format such as PDF, for you to open and/or print anytime, in order to be read and used as necessary. 


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