Customer demand fluctuations

Analysis of weekly changes in customer demand


The company we provided our services to is in the automotive industry and our main focus was to monitor the production rate in relation to the increased customer demand. We have developed a model for analysing weekly changes in demand (demand for finished goods) sent by customers through EDI (Exchange Data Interface).


The report focuses on the materials in use and it presents a comparison between future demand (for 4 weeks) sent during the week in question versus the week prior to that. The data can be found within the Exxxx and Exxxx tables and the analysis requires access to transaction SE16. This analysis is relevant to any industry because it monitors EDI, Exchange Data Interface.


We analysed variations in order to monitor the production capacity with regard to the increase in demand and to inform the client whether or not the production is possible. This helped the company improve the management of materials and organizational skills in relation to customer demand.



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