Open customer orders

A clear view over revenue and open orders


We helped a leading company in the telecommunication industry gain a clear view over revenue and open orders. The company had many open orders because the sales team was offered bonuses based on the orders that were registered in the system, not the sales that were made. Therefore, employees would register orders whether there was a possibility of them being completed or not.


After a thorough analysis of the accounts that were opened, we could identify the amount of orders each person was responsible for, the client and the value in question. The orders that were placed a long time ago, but were never completed, had an impact on the monthly forecast and reporting process. The data containing incorrect information or sums that were too high was cleared.


Through this analysis we closed the orders that could not be delivered and delivered the ones that we could, resulting in increased sales and revenue. Our services helped the company recover from a serious loss in revenue which could have resulted in a downward spiral.

For the above mentioned open orders transaction VA05 was used.


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